General Information

4 years
Credit Hours

Software engineering is a young, challenging discipline that is still evolving as information technologies continue to open up new areas of exploration and potential. Engineers mix the theory and practice of computer science, engineering and traditional IT disciplines to create software that is reliable and works efficiently on real machines.

BE Software Engineering course explores the design, construction and engineering of large, complex software systems that meet information processing challenges within constraints such as cost, time and risk management.

I.Sc or 10+2 (Science) OR I.E or equivalent, second division or above from university or boards recognized by Pokhara University.

Semester I

->Engineering Mathematics-I


->Communication Technique

->Problem Solving Techniques

->Fundamentals of IT

->Programming in C


->Engineering Mathematics-II .

->Logic Circuits

->Mathematical Foundation of Computer Science

->Engineering Drawing

->Object Oriented Programming in C++

->Web Technology

Semester III

->Engineering Mathematics- III

->Software Engineering Fundamentals

->Microprocessor & Assembly Lang. Pro.

->Data Structure and Algorithms

->Probability & Queuing Theory

->Programming in Java

Semester IV

->Numerical Methods

->Computer Graphics

->Computer Organization & Architecture

->Database Management Systems

->Object Oriented Design & Modeling through UML

->Project I

Semester V

->Applied Operating System

->Simulation & Modeling

->Artificial Intelligence & Neural Network

->System Programming

->Analysis & Design of Algorithm

->Organization and Management

Semester VI

->Computer Networks

->Multimedia Systems

->Principles of Programming Languages

->Engineering Economics

->Object Oriented Software Development

->Project II

Semester VII

->Real Time Systems

->Distributed Systems

->Enterprise Application Development

->Image Processing and Pattern Recognition

->Software Testing, Verification, Validation and Quality Assurance

->Elective II

Semester VIII

->Network Programming

->Software Project Management

->Elective II

->Major Project



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