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About Lord Buddha Education Foundation

It is our conviction that the right attitude to learning that emphasizes on key areas of knowledge and the overall enhancement of a student to a complete persona is what takes him closer to the goal.

Founded in 1998, the Lord Buddha Education Foundation (LBEF), a Non-Profit, Non-Government Organization has a well-established tradition of excellence across a broad range of academic disciplines. From its humble beginnings, the college has made steady progress and today stands as one of the leading colleges in Nepal with currently over 1,000 students. More than 6000 students have over the years graduated from LBEF Group of Institutions and today, have established careers as bankers, IT experts, entrepreneurs, managers, leaders in their choosen area of interest.

LBEF has a long standing history in the field of education and academics in Nepal, being established in 1998 as the first IT College in Nepal.chosen area of work.

LBEF, a brainchild of an educationist and social worker, Mr. P. Kejriwal. LBEF was established to create a new education environment in Nepal and to make quality education available at reasonable cost under ‘regular & distance learning mode’ (Formal & Non-formal Education), besides other social & cultural activities.

We, at LBEF have created a learning ambience, which takes students beyond the routine examinations to facilitate and train them to build a career. Our classroom sessions are not only interactive but also stimulating and well paced.

We have highly qualified and trained faculty that provides effective guidance, monitoring and assistance to the students so as to draw out the best in them. Over the years, we have developed a methodical, periodic evaluation system through progressive and sections tests, in order to assess the development of students in specific knowledge areas. It makes learning even more valuable.

We have the resource base of a well stocked library of books, video sessions and dedicated internet access. Seminars and workshops are conducted every month on the related topics to enhance the students understanding and awareness. Our qualified and certified staff provides all the necessary information services and support to the students, which makes the learning surrounding even more comprehensive. Lord Buddha Education Foundation has been permitted by Ministry of Education, Nepal Government to offer B.Sc.(Hons.) in IT with various specilizations and B.A.(Hons.) in Business Management in academic colloboration with Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation . College for Professional Studies has been permitted by Ministry of Education to offer MBA and M.Sc.ITM programmes.

The constituent members under the LBEF Group of Institutions are:

  • Lord Buddha Education Foundation
  • College for Professional Studies, Kathmandu
  • Akshar Vidya Mandir (The SMART School), Janakpur
  • Patan College for Professional Studies, Lalitpur


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