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About Bagmati Boarding School

Bagmati Boarding School (BBS) started its journey in 1987 from Naxal, KTM and is now a fully grown well established secondary school sprawling in 20 ropanis area at sukedhara, KTM. BBS is committed to the highest standard of teaching and learning in high school level till 12th grade.

BBS has faculty of highly qualified and skilled teachers with a passion for teaching and is committed to excellence in education by striving to develop within students the ability to think clearly, communicate effectively and value human and cultural diversity. We provide our students with exceptional opportunities for academic and personality development.

At BBS, students are to participate in Yoga practice and Meditation compulsorily. Students are also encouraged to learn basic nobalities of all religions (Hindu, Islam, Christian and Buddhism).

We encourage free interaction with parents and guardians and we always welcome discussions/suggestions in various issues concerning multidimensional activities of students.

BBS is equipped with all necessary amenities for an ideal school like football ground, basketball court, science and computer labs, e-library, digital class zooms (smart board) etc.

Admission Procedures

A strict admission process is in place to uphold the school’s tradition of excellence in academic, the arts and athletics. Faculty and authorities share the responsibility for student selection. Student selection is based on academic and non-academic considerations. Admission criteria includes scholastic performance, test scores in entrance examinations and reports of demonstrated talents and interests. Admissions to Class II and above are on the basis of a written test and performance in previous schools. The age of admission to Nursery is 3, i.e., the child should have completed 3 years on or before 1st May of the year of admission.


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