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The Celebration Co-Ed

Gothatar, Jorpati

The Celebration Co-Ed., a residential high school offers quality education along with many meaningful & skill based extracurricular activities to the students.

Learning Realm International School


Learning Realm International (LRI) school is a Trust-run residential-cum-day english-medium co-ed institution, founded on Falgun 12, 2044 BS (February 24, 1988 AD) by the

Ace Higher Secondary School


Ace Higher Secondary had been running under the umbrella of Ace Institute of Management until it spun off on April, 2014 as Ace Higher Secondary School. In 18 years it has established itself as one of the leading higher secondary programs in management in Nepal and is best known for its student centered learning environment. […]

Radiant Readers Academy


Radiant Readers Academy is an english medium semi- residential school high school located at easily accessible peaceful visinity of Lalitpur sub metropolis,ward no

Arunima Educational Foundation


About Arunima Educational Foundation Arunima Educational Foundation (AEF) emerged as Arunima Primary School in the year 2042 B.S. (1986 A.D.) under the initiation of a noble team of visionary academicians and social workers with the insight to disseminate value-oriented and life-based quality education founded on humanitarian philosophical poerspectives.Regarding the options offered by the seventh amendment […]

Wits Academy

Boudha, Aarubari

About Wits academy Wits academy, run by a team of dedicated academicians who have been involving in the teaching since long and developed various skills and experiences about driving a school successfully, lies at Bhuwaldanda, boudha-6, Kathmandu, Nepal. It was established in 1996 A.D. under the management of New Hope Educational Foundation Pvt. Ltd. since […]

Sanskriti International School

Thulobharyang, Halchowk

About Sanskriti International School It is an autonomous private organization dedicated to excel in the academic arena changing the way the traditional educational system that works in Nepal. Its objective is to build men and women with leadership qualities and integrity, who are a part of an extraordinary network of people making a difference in […]

Triton International College

Subidhanagar-35, Tinkune

TRITON INTERNATIONAL SEC. SCHOOL / COLLEGE was established by a group of teaching experts, academicians and professionals