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Don’t Just Graduate

graduation is not enough

Our Nepali education system is still knowledge based, but just to gain a knowledge, we have ‘Google’.  Don’t just graduate as graduation is not enough to achieve your career goal; get skilled on your craft.

Graduation certificate is only a tool to filter unwanted applications; employers have nothing to do with your certificate they just want skilled manpower to do their job. During or after your graduation it is always a good idea to gain relevant skills. Suppose, If you goal is to be a IT professional, get it certification from recognize company or institution (national or international). This will ensure you to stand out from the crowd. Most importantly,this will greatly build confidence in yourself.

If we look at the government data published in 2015, around 400,000 youths arrive in the Nepali job market and 5% of them are able to get one. On the other hand, employers are tired of searching right candidates and struggling to retain skilled manpower. Acquiring relevant skills really opens many doors and create immense opportunity within Nepal.


Entrepreneurship and Freelancer


For skilled people opportunities are limitless. You don’t have to rely on job, but work as a freelance or even be an entrepreneur. There are many organizations offering freelancing jobs for different sectors and investors waiting for new and innovative ideas.

Colleges and Universities are the best source of opportunities. You will find alike minds to work with where teachers and professors are there to guide and support. Even the entire institution will stand with you if you have idea and zeal to do something different. It is up to you, how you want to graduate as a job seeker or a provider.

Explore that 3 or 5 years of graduation period at its fullest. This might be the last opportunity to do or be something.Don’t just be knowledgeable as mentioned earlier; ‘Google’ is easily accessible and will always know more than you. Instead, utilize that knowledge in obtaining skill as the world is waiting to craft it.


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